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Position Sector Location
Astra Trucks Mechanic Construction Ethiopia More
Planning Engineer Construction Ethiopia More
Filler Plant Supervisor Construction Ethiopia More
Crushing Plant Mechanic Construction Ethiopia More
Assistant Hotel Manager Hospitality Tunisia More
Advisor / Counsellor Energía France More
Ingeniero de Mantenimiento Industry Valencia More
Project Manager East of Europe Construction Europa More
Contract Engineer Construction Kazakhstan More
Project Manager - Qatar Construction Qatar More
Jefe de Obra - Libia Construction Libya More
Senior Structural Design Engineer - Football Stadium Construction Qatar More
Senior Project Manager - UAE Construction Arabic Emirates More
Senior Technical Manager - UAE Construction Arabic Emirates More
Marketing Manager, West Africa Minning Ghana More
Jefe de Obra Construction Mexico More
Sales Manager Minning Ghana More
Site Superintendent Concrete Works Night Shift Engineering Omán More
Jefe de Grupo Construction Barcelona More
Técnico de Manutenção (Mecânica) Industry Portugal More
Senior Contract Manager Construction Qatar More
General Manager of Operation and Maintenance Industry Mozambique More
General Manager Mine Maintenance - Mozambique Minning Mozambique More
General Management of Mine Operation Minning Mozambique More
Director Técnico de Reparación y Mantenimiento Transportation & Logístics Equatorial Guinea More
Project Manager - Cameroon Construction Cameroon More
Administrative assistant Gabon Transportation & Logístics Gabon More
Director Adjunto de Operaciones Transportation & Logístics Equatorial Guinea More
Laboratory Technician (RCC) Construction Namibia More